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icon Digital strategy development Digital strategy development

“How should I play and win in a digital future?” For many companies, the process of building and executing strategy in the digital age seems to generate more questions than answers.

icon Business process analysis Business process analysis

A perfect process design is the basis for successful business models in the digital age. Sometimes an unbiased outside analysis of the processes can provide fresh, unimagined input.

icon User experience (UX) User experience (UX)

The scope of (digital) UX has broadened as the range of online environments has grown and diversified beyond a webpage to deal with wearables as well as a wide range of other applications.

icon Design thinking Design thinking

Working with the design thinking process enables structured creativity. The process consists of 6 phases that help the team understand the problem consistently and then solve it.

“How should i play and win in a digital future?”

We feel confident to answer and solve your questions!

By experience of hundreds of internet and software projects during the lost 18 years, we know exactly how things in the internet work. We would love to share this experience with you to improve digital skills among your company and create awareness for digital process optimization. With the focus set on your individual business and the use of our expertise of an internet company of the first hour we help developing and implementing your digital transformation strategy.

4 key-areas of best approaching digital strategy development:
Taking advantage of digital platforms to access broader ecosystems
Innovative new digital products and business models
Investing ahead of peers in digital talent
Having increased agility of digital-strategy practices, which enables first-mover opportunities

Why you need business process analysis

Secure the competitiveness of your business in the long term.

Using business process analysis (BPA) helps you identify the detrimental elements in an operation and identify how to overcome obstacles. Without a proper analysis, your teams will waste a lot of time and effort trying to solve the wrong problems or switching from one software to another – resulting in wasted resources. As the time goes, new technology becomes available making process analysis particularly important in the context of digitization measures.

Before a process can be digitized or automated, the actual as well as the upstream and downstream processes must be optimally aligned and made measureable – because only what is measureable is scalable. This has to result in a clear and structured process description which then makes it possible to see where there is intervention or optimization potential. Sometimes even outsourcing can become a valid solution.
showing two people working togehter in front of a computer as synonym for business process analysis BPA We offer continuous analysis, optimization and documentation of your company’s processes.

But even more important: We constantly ask the right questions in order to do so, as this is the only way of true and lasting BPA. In this way you can be more efficient and faster at your customers with products and services than your competitors and react flexibly to changing market requirements.

Your benefits of Business Process Analysis

Clear documentation of the process and greater understanding
Robust data on how the process is performing
Identify the obstacles that cause delay to certain processes
Identify which user actions are hindering the process and where inefficiencies are
Better training for new employees taking on the process
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hand writing on a whiteboard to illustrate how better UX increases customer experience

Why ux can be seen as a true problem solver

The question is not whether UX should be considered these days or not (UX should already be an integral part of your measures) - the question is where UX can be put additionaly in order to achieve clear added value for you and your customers. Because UX has long since moved away from just making things pretty it has become an essential part of increasing conversion rates and overall customer satisfaction. It should serve the purpose of making things (purchase transactions, website visits, app usage, support requests, ... ) as simple, pleasant and intuitive as possible, in fact, on both sides - for the customer as well as for you and your employees. By that UX turns into a real problem solver with actual return on invest.

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design thinking process visualization

What makes design thinking special

Our society is becoming increasingly complex due to globalization and the speed of technical innovations. Companies and institutions are experiencing growing pressure to change and have to learn to deal with complexity effectively. Design thinking helps! It enables traditional and outdated models of thinking, learning and working to be overcome and to solve problems in a creative way. It creates the culture in organizations that is required to master the digital transformation, setting the focus on people.

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