Creations operations: What seems simple on a small scale Is a huge challenge on a large scale

icon it services availablity Availability

A system failure can result in high economic damage. Even the smallest failures are particularly noticeable on a larger scale.

icon web security and penetration testing Web security

Unfortunately, cybercrime happens every day, making outstanding web security measures mandatory to protect websites and web apps.

icon web performance optimization Performance

Efficient infrastructures are a crucial prerequisite for business success today. When it comes to scaling, the performance often is the first bottle neck.

icon quality hosting and managed it Quality

Business processes without IT are now as rare as cell phones without internet access. The networking creates completely new requirements for the IT quality.

How to manage your services availability

There is an interaction between the availability and the increase in performance. Since a system failure can cause high economic damage, data processing systems and communication networks should be designed as redundantly as possible.

The availability includes hardware and software, networks and data transport, the operating system and data storage, the power supply and the network components. But also security against unauthorized access and against sabotage etc., therefore the first priority is redundancy, which must be optimally organized.

Especially when your business scales, the software and hardware do not scale with it. Distributed systems can offer a good, but very demanding solution here.

For smaller business environments, it is sufficient to continue to use established systems. However, on the premise that no major company growth is expected in the near future.

Why cyber security is inalienable

Imagine websites and web apps being just as prone to security breaches as physical buildings, homes or stores.

mood image cyber and web security With cyber attacks happening every day web security these days should be indispensable for every webpage or app. It basically means protecting a website or web application by detecting, preventing and responding to cyber threats. Even simple mistakes in your code can cause private information to leak, and cyber attackers trying to find ways to steal that data. In addition many companies these days obtain added business values through networking and data exchange. This makes web security not only extremely relevant for your own business but for all other partners or customers your business communicates with, as malware or data leaks can spread quickly across company boundaries.

Preventing common threats - like SQL injection, password breaches or cross-site scripting - is the key to making sure that your web-based service is practicing the best methods of security.

Our know-how helping to ensure a safe environment for you and your customers

Experienced in the use of various black & white box testing tools
Competent in fuzzing and penetration testing
Security or vulnerability scanners for daily business
Expertise of web application firewalls (WAF)
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Performance - the number 1 weakpoint of scaling

Modern business is no longer conceivable without the use of software. Be it inbound marketing systems, email programs, content management and customer relationship systems or analysis tools - they all have one thing in common - when the business scales, the software is not scaling with it automatically.

As a consequence, this will lead to tremendous performance issues across all of your systems making them extremely slow or even unuseable. As nearly every business has the goal to scale over time it should be only logical to think about these issues as early as possible - but in reality close to no one does.

There has to be a plan and proactive process flow for the event of scaling, taking soft- and hardware into account. With our track record in e-commerce with a total of over 32 Million transactions in 197 countries we feel like having this experience on a large scale!

IT quality is the basis for digital growth

A look at the recent news shows that even Iarge companies such as Amazon, Apple or Lufthansa are not protected against server failures.

No one can guarantee 100 % freedom from errors. It is therefore our aim to provide the urgently needed stability of your services with comprehensive quality assurance services – this includes everything from black lists and spam filters to monitoring and selected consistency measures such as backups.

Always with the vision of getting close to a 100% error-free service we also take care of shortest response times in the event of failures as well as the use of technologies with which system faults can be detected much earlier.
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